Council Review Committee

In June 2016, I brought a motion asking Council to study the size of Council to see if it should be changed. The committee, on which I was a member along with Councillors Paul Christian, Myers, Hollingsworth, Bruni and Mayor Provenzano, met and studied this issue extensively. I compiled much of the research that the committee ultimately brought forward to City Council, including the spreadsheets found here. I was pleased that the recommendation considered at Council on Monday, March 6, 2017 passed, and that as of the 2018 Municipal Election, City Council will be 10 members in 5 wards.

Voting for change: Matthew Shoemaker, Paul Christian, Susan Myers, Sandra Hollingsworth, Rick Niro, Frank Fata, Mayor Provenzano

Voting against the change: Steve Butland, Lou Turco, Judy Hupponen, Marchy Bruni, Joe Krmpotich and Ross Romano

Against Higher Taxes

I do not support the City Council-approved 4.3% tax increase for 2017. In these difficult economic times, restraint is more important than ever. That is why I twice brought a motion to review our Public Works department, which makes up 25% of our total City budget, but those efforts were not supported by Council. I cannot support any increases above the rate of inflation when residents are facing the type of economic difficulty they are currently facing. I’m already working to bring the 2018 budget down.

The Agenda with Steve Paikin

I was honoured to join Steve Paikin on TVO’s ‘The Agenda’ for a segment on Sir William H. Hearst. You can visit The Agenda Website to learn about the Former Ontario Premier and Sault Ste. Marie MPP, Sir William H. Hearst.

More News

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